Season 1

SEASON 1 Episode 1. Nicole and Kristan are a queer Bay Area couple who want to adopt a child from foster care. As they prepare to have their home inspected, they child-proof their apartment and invite a couple of kids over to examine their handy work. Will they pass the safety check?

To access resources and guidance on how you can adopt from foster care, visit

SEASON 1 Episode 2. Kristan and Nicole prepare for their home study, checking requirements off a long list: a physical exam with their fabulous physician, Dr. Tiny; learning CPR at 7:00 AM on a Sunday; and answering awkward questions from their social worker.

SEASON 1 Episode 3. Nicole and Kristan are approved foster parents and await a placement. They seek advice from friends who've adopted from foster care and bust open some myths about this road to making a family. Then an email from their social worker pops up about a foster kid... "are you interested?"

SEASON 1 Episode 4. Kristan and Nicole get their first potential match, but they may be getting ahead of themselves in their excitement. While waiting, Nicole attends a Family Fair to shmooze the local social workers, but it doesn’t go too well.

SEASON 1 EPISODE 5. Another promising lead for a placement comes Nicole and Kristan's way, and this one comes fast: if it works out, they could have a four-year-old within the week. While they prepare, an unexpected development changes the plan.

SEASON 1 EPISODE 6. Nicole and Kristan reflect on their turbulent journey, while South Dakota passes a law which discriminates against LGBTQ people who want to adopt. In an effort to increase their chances of success, Kristan and Nicole expand their search to include siblings. Will they become parents at last?

Season 2

SEASON 2 EPISODE 1. Nicole and Kristan are bringing home their foster kid for the first time. Will they be able to manage the 2am feedings and all that comes with being a parent?

SEASON 2 EPISODE 2. Nicole and Kristan are learning more about how to navigate transracial fostering and what they can do to dismantle the systems of racism within the adoption process.

SEASON 2 EPISODE 3. Nicole and Kristan explore the more unknown side of Foster Care: how large amounts of money are spent to support Foster and Adoptive families, yet little money is spent to support the birth parents of kids in the system.

SEASON 2 EPISODE 4. Nicole and Kristan head to court to hear whether the judge will rule to terminate J's birth parents' right as parents.

SEASON 2 EPISODE 5. “The grief, and often the trauma, that children suffer when they are separated from their birth parents is often invisible and goes unacknowledged. We promise to name it. We promise to talk about it, from the beginning, to help you learn to hold love and loss at the same time.”

**This week we go back to court for a very important reason. **

SEASON 2 EPISODE 6. Nicole and Kristan celebrate J's first birthday and continue to pursue an open adoption.